Remo Street is a 23-year-old former wrestling champion who lost his father in the war and now struggles to support his ill mother and young sister. He spends his days job searching and with great ingenuity forces himself to train whenever and however he can. It seems his life long dream of becoming a professional fighter just might elude him until one fateful night when his life takes a new direction. His heroic choice to defend a group of strangers unknowingly forces him into an underground fighting ring to keep his family protected from Russian mobsters. Coach Oz, one of the strangers he saved, shows Street gratitude by offering him a job at his local fight gym. Street quickly enters the fold and proves his resourcefulness and natural ability are just what this little gym needs. Coach Oz trains Street with the owner's son, Greg, a privileged but up-and-coming fighter who seems to have lost his drive to move his game to the next level. Coach believes Street might be the key to getting things moving in the right direction.

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