Stone - Government Agent: All 4 One, One for All


Theodore Bitters wants to wear the United States of America on his keychain, owning it like it’s a ’63 Buick. He’s within striking distance of accomplishing it. On his side, he’s got hundreds of well-trained mercenaries and conspirators, unlimited funding and no conscience to hold him back. He also controls the power grid for the United States and is finalizing research to form an army of super soldiers.

On the side for the United States we have Johann Smitz, known as ‘Father’ to his four operatives Stone, Weapon, Linda and Emily his daughter, yet to the government he’s known as the ‘Record Keeper’. All hope has been placed in the hands of this small band of dedicated patriots to thwart Bitters’ plans.

Father’s four operatives must be split up in order to complete the missions they have been assigned. Getting back control of the power grid and neutralizing the threats on home soil. While Ernie, without his cohorts, has to slip into a secure facility in Russia. The likes of which none have seen before and penetrate its research and development center, then confiscate the research and rescue a scientist that is integral to completing the super soldier formula.

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