Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Operation: Shadowpoint


After the events of the Beginner Game adventure, the Player Characters (PCs) have seized the Imperial installation on the planet of Onderon, once called “Whisper Base,” for the Rebel Alliance. They might have killed or captured its commanding officer, Lieutenant Sarev, and dealt similarly with the remaining staff of the base. They now have access to a secret, off-the-books facility plugged into the Imperial communications network—a powerful resource for the struggling Rebellion. However, while the Imperial bureaucracy at large does not have any knowledge of the base, the PCs must still contend with its master and originator, Moff Dardano.

The nefarious Imperial Moff is willing to do anything to recover his lost asset without allowing hisrivals in the Empire to learn of its existence, much less of its capture. It is only a matter of time before the Moff takes action to reclaim the base and bring it back under his iron-fisted control. Can the PCs establish a strong enough position to defend what they have taken and turn it into a long-term gain for the Rebellion? Now is the time to test their commitment,resourcefulness, skills, and above all, mettle.

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