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SportsBar VR features a wide variety of popular pub games, including pool, darts, air hockey and many others, all set within a virtual sports bar. The pub itself is a key element of SportsBar VR, providing an interactive and realistic social environment where players can meet, chat and simply hang out when they’re not getting their gaming fix.

Much more than a collection of popular pub games, SportsBar VR enables players interact with the 3D world around them, roaming a virtual hangout in real-time while playing darts, shooting pool and even throwing bottles around.

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With updates, additional games, and continued support, SportsBarVR could end up being the defacto virtual reality hangout platform for PS4 players.
46d ago
www.gaming-age.comPlayStation 4
It's good, but definitely not a game that will sell PSVR units.
46d ago
It’s finicky, but worth your time if the concept intrigues you.
46d ago
Your fondest memories will be of pushing the game’s limits and seeing what shenanigans you can get up to.
46d ago
www.pushsquare.comPlayStation 4
SportsBarVR is a solid collection of multiplayer sports bar games, with pool and darts being the stand out experiences.
46d ago
gamingtrend.comPlayStation 4
. The four games on offer are hampered by inconsistent physics, resulting in an unsurprisingly uneven experience.
46d ago
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