Media Player

Slice is an innovative new media player.

- Connects to your TV via HDMI and will store and play back all of your videos, music and pictures in full HD.
- Has a carefully designed user interface and custom remote control that makes it effortless and fun to use.
- Has an anodised case machined from solid aluminium.
- Features a unique, customisable LED light ring for visual feedback and wow factor!
- Has on-board storage – simply drag and drop your media onto Slice’s hard disk using a single USB connection from any Mac or Windows PC.
- Small and portable – take your media with you to enjoy with friends, family or on trips away.
- Can access media over a network, and has 2 USB ports for connecting extra devices, such as external hard drives.
- Built on open technologies and can be reprogrammed to run alternative open source software.

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