Sharp Aquos UQ10 LED 1080p Full HD 3D 4K Compatible Smart TV, with Freeview HD & 2x 3D Glasses


There’s no going back once you’ve experienced the detail of AQUOS Quattron Pro technology. Sharp’s UQ10 television combines 2.5 times the image quality of Full HD, 4K Ultra HD compatibility, 3D and smart apps to make a complete media system that's ready for the future. Built in upscaling pushes your traditional media and with a powerful integrated subwoofer, your sound gets a boost too.

Full HD X-GEN panel with AQUOS Quattron Pro technology delivers detail beyond Full HD. Thanks to its subpixel management technology, it can display effectively 4K resolution. Quattron Pro plays native Ultra HD (4K) content through HDMI and upscales lower resolution content too

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