Project Scorpio

Game Console

The next step in the evolution of the Xbox One offering 6 terraflops of GPU power, 8 CPU cores, and the ability to render at 60hz. It is touted as the most powerful console ever created and will be compatible with all Xbox One titles.

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Q4 2017
14 Months Left
Q4 2017
14 Months Left

Microsoft: Games Launching Within Xbox Scorpio Time Frame "Natively Render At 4K"

  • 31d ago
  • by Simon Priest

In a little dig at Sony and their rival PlayStation 4 Pro console, Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager Shannon Loftis has said they are gunning for 'native 4K'.

Start Tracking E3 Week's Newly Announced Games!

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Here's What You Missed From Microsoft's E3 Show

  • 129d ago
  • by Jake Lewsey

Microsoft held the first of the big two E3 conferences today and, if you were too busy to catch it live, here's what you missed!