Popular Problems


Popular Problems is the thirteenth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. The album is set to be released in September 2014. Most of the songs will be new to Cohen fans, though he did debut "Born In Chains" onstage in 2010 and "My Oh My" was played during a soundcheck that same year. It is unclear whether or not Cohen will support Popular Problems with a tour, though he has already indicated that he will not be doing any shows in 2014.

"Slow" – 3:25
"Almost Like the Blues" – 3:28
"Samson in New Orleans" – 4:39
"A Street" – 3:32
"Did I Ever Love You" – 4:10
"My Oh My" – 3:36
"Nevermind" – 4:39
"Born in Chains" – 4:55
"You Got Me Singing" – 3:31

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