Pocket Odyssey


Pocket Odyssey is a micro dungeon crawling game inspired by traditional table top RPG games. It takes place in the Dungeonfell, also known as the buried plane, with all but one player acting as a group of adventurers on a quest. The quest is created by the last player, known as the storyteller, who must create a set of challenges based off of quest cards randomly drawn at the start of the game.

The game concept can be described as putting the spirit of a traditional pen and paper RPG into a micro table top game. Players pick a character background card (ex: Ogre Slayer, Swindler King, etc.) and add special power cards to them (ex: Fireball, Backstab, etc.) they then draw a Flaw card which gives them a unique attribute (ex: chronic liar, Impatient, etc.) and a personal goal card (in secret) which they must complete in addition to the main quest to win the game (ex: Outsmart an enemy, Betray a party member, etc.).

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