P.K. (Hindi)


A stranger's innocent questions transform the lives of millions in this uplifting Bollywood comedy of ideas. PK (Aamir Khan) is a newcomer to a big, bustling city. Because he's a stranger here, his outsider's perspective allows him to pose questions no one else has thought to ask before. But these have unforeseen consequences. People who have been set in their ways for generations now find they must look at the world afresh. The eye-opening, childlike innocence with which he approaches complex situations takes PK and millions of others on an extraordinary spiritual odyssey. But while he wins plenty of friends and succeeds in mending many broken lives, he also makes powerful enemies in the establishment. Rajkumar Hirani's ambitious, thought-provoking and strikingly original comedy-drama reunites him with '3 Idiots' star Aamir Khan. It combines deep philosophical themes with a simple yet moving story of friendship, love and laughter.

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