Pixie Lott


Pop sensation Pixie Lott’s third studio album is A collection of tracks that take their cues from the singer's early musical influences. Gone are the glitzy, fast-paced pop rushes that informed her first two recordings and in their place stand a collection of tracks with a more soulful hue. The results of this inspirational process is Pixie Lott - a self-titled release and her most personal record to date. Pixie has poured her own experiences and emotions into the lyrical sketches to deliver an album big on soul-heavy ballads and break-up anthems.

1. Nasty
2. Lay Me Down
3. Break Up Song
4. Champion
5. Kill A Man
6. Ain' T Got You
7. Heart Cry
8. Ocean
9. Raise Up
10. Bang
11. Leaving You
12. Cry And Smile

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