Pirates of Bollywood: A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy


"Kill Piracy, Save Creativity.” Shan, the biggest producer of movies in Bollywood launches a, first of its kind, revolutionary offensive against pirates. It echoes all over India and begins to gain momentum. The pirates are pushed against the wall and brought to their knees everywhere, from courts to streets,. Inspired by the overwhelming start, Shan presses ahead for the kill, but the pirates swiftly re-group and launch a vicious counter attack.

Arjun, a gifted and socially conscious Intellectual Property lawyer who is acclaimed for his single handed victory in a highly publicized pharma patent case, visits Bombay to represent the Copyleft Foundation, a non profit organisation founded to promote creative freedom. While fighting the top entertainment lawyer in India, at the Bombay High Court, Arjun unwittingly pierces the piracy veil, and finds himself in the midst of Shan’s war. Intrigued and compelled to crack the piracy puzzle, Arjun joins forces with Helen, a young, driven officer with the IP Cell of Bombay police, and sets off on a voyage into the dark, dangerous world of piracy.

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