"Pet" follows Seth, an animal shelter employee, who develops an infatuation with Holly, the waitress he has admired since high school. After failing to impress her through conventional methods, Seth resorts to a rather unusual solution: locking her up in a cage at the shelter where he works.

However, we soon discover that Holly is far from perfect, harboring deeply troubling secrets of her own. It quickly becomes hard to tell who the real victim is.

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The pace is patient, the acting solid and the special effects emphasize craft over flash as the characters rejigger our perceptions from one scene to the next.
44d ago
If you can't respect your audience enough to connect obvious plot items, they surely won't respect you back.
44d ago
Pet earns points for its gleefully nihilistic mix of gore and black humor, and the ingenuity by which it keeps one of its characters confined to a cage for so long.
44d ago
I understand that making your name in a massive blockbuster fantasy franchise in which you play one of the lesser (but very likable!) Hobbits presents a lot of where-do-we-go-fr...
44d ago
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