New55 FILM

Camera Film

New55 FILM is a black-and-white peel-apart instant 4×5 film that offers both a fine negative and a positive print, too. New55 FILM is a preloaded single-shot film which is exposed in a special dedicated holder. The photographer’s handling workflow with New55 FILM at capture resembles the workflow experienced in the past with the discontinued single-shot preloaded films like old Polaroid Type 53, 55 and 59; or the Kodak “Readyload” and Fuji “Quickload” systems.

New55 FILM is designed to work only with the famous Polaroid 545 Land Film Holder. Otherwise called the “545,” this holder is a substantial metal construction with a silver processing lever. Many thousands of these holders were made in the heyday of instant film and remain in circulation in good working order. The 545i is the lighter-weight plastic version that also works for New55 FILM.

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