Murder Made Me Famous Season 2

TV Series Season

Fact-based documentary series Murder Made Me Famous returns with new episodes starting Saturday, July 23 at 9pm ET/PT. New episodes include Charles Manson, Steven Avery, Jean Harris, Billionaire Boys Club killer Joseph Gamsky aka "Joe Hunt" and Robert Chambers aka the "Preppie Killer". Murder Made Me Famous examines killers who gained public notoriety when their crimes generated intense media coverage. Each hour-long episode presents dramatic recreations of the crimes using archival material and insightful commentary from those connected to the case to help unravel the twisted personalities that were thrust into the spotlight. Featured commentator is author and PEOPLE crime reporter, Steve Helling, who has covered several high-profile crime stories including the Natalee Holloway and Laci Peterson disappearances. Murder Made Me Famous is produced by AMS Pictures.

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July 23, 2016
3 Months Ago