Mugello MotoGP Championship 2014


Marquez won in Mugello, but this time Lorenzo was a very tough nut to crack. The last seven laps represents the most tense episode of previous season.

Lorenzo relatively quickly climbed into the lead, but Marquez had persistently followed close behind.

Actually, it was quite monotonous to 7 laps to go when Lorenzo looks “cut” long target plain in Mugello, and Marquez took this moment to smooth skirted Yamaha.

However, Lorenzo did not surrender and was followed by a great melee during which they exchanged several times in the lead.

Marquez is the Honda was clearly faster on a long stretch, but Lorenzo had successfully returned the corners, until the last lap when not managed to do a quality attack on the eve of the release of the target plain and was this year’s first victory escaped for just 12 hundredths of a second.

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