MTV Unplugged 2001


The R.E.M. MTV Unplugged: The Complete Sessions 4-LP vinyl set was a big hit as part of Record Store Day 2014. Rolling Stone's 4-star revue said that "No band but Nirvana made more breathtakingly transformative use of MTV Unplugged than R.E.M." Due to strong demand from both consumers and retail on that limited-edition release, we have broken out the two shows into two individual 2-LP

Disc: 1
1. All The Way To Reno
2. Electrolite
3. At My Most Beautiful
4. Daysleeper
5. So. Central Rain
6. Losing My Religion
7. Country Feedback
8. Cuyahoga

Disc: 2
1. Imitation of Life
2. Find the River
3. The One I Love
4. Disappear
5. Beat a Drum
6. I've Been High
7. I'll Take the Rain
8. Sad Professor

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