Monster Hunter Generations


Known as Monster Hunter X in Japan, Generations is one of the many installments in Capcom's popular hunting series where gigantic beasts battle it out.

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If you've ever wanted to try your hand at Monster Hunter, start with Generations.
61d ago
Predictably impenetrable, but cut through the leathery hide and there's enough great game in here to give a Tigrex indigestion.
61d ago
Monster Hunter Generations offers some minor new tweaks to the franchise, but keeps the core completely intact, an easy winner for series veterans and the best point of entry f...
62d ago
Monster Hunter Generations is a successful tribute to the series' past, but more importantly, it's a stellar step forward into its future.
61d ago
With Monster Hunter you get out what you put into the game, and Monster Hunter Generations is a game that compels me to put in more of my time.
62d ago
Monster Hunter Generations hits the core tenets of what makes this series great.
62d ago
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