Milton's Secret


Milton Adams is stressed. It's no picnic being 11 years old in a world that is growing more uncertain every day. Milton's mom and dad argue every night as their careers and financial security unravel around them. Milton's whole community feels in crisis and to top it off, he is tormented by the neighborhood bully.

When his Grandpa comes to visit, Milton discovers that rehashing bad experiences and worrying about the future only makes things worse. With a little practice, Milton learns his Grandpa's secret for coping with a world in crisis: most things have a surprising way of working out when you flow with the power of now.

Milton's Secret is a thought-provoking family film based on the story by acclaimed spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now and A New Earth) and Robert Friedman. Directed by Barnet Bain, Milton's Secret is the first of Tolle's work to be exhibited as a feature film.

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I liked the quirk of Sutherland’s kookily sage grandfather letting his own evolution from the man he was speak for itself. We all have the capacity to change if we’re willing to...
83d ago
Donald Sutherland plays a grandfather helping a stressed-out boy appreciate the life he's living.
83d ago
Negative vibes are what “Milton’s Secret” hopes to help its viewers overcome, but it’s difficult to ascertain exactly who the film’s target audience is meant to be.
83d ago
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