Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


Hard-partying brothers Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) place an online ad to find the perfect dates (Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza) for their sister's Hawaiian wedding. Hoping for a wild getaway, the boys instead find themselves outsmarted and out-partied by the uncontrollable duo.

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Aubrey Plaza shines as a foul-mouthed slob in this ensemble comedy also starring Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick, which features sparks of true hilarity.
92d ago
Efron and Devine are an endearingly loony duo, and as much as Plaza and Kendrick never quite sell their vixen shtick, the supporting cast is wickedly stacked. It’s like riding a...
92d ago
Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is a crude imitation, but still funny.
92d ago
‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ is filthy and hilarious.
92d ago
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is a funny-enough summer comedy that never quite breaks free from the countless raunchy iterations that have come before it. It might have, had ...
92d ago
Zac Efron and Aubrey Plaza lead a game cast in a gently nutty comedy that has a bit of cleverness to go with the raunch.
92d ago
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