Men, Women And Children


A provocative drama from the director of 'Juno' about the ways in which the internet has changed our relationships. A couple trapped in a loveless marriage separately seek romance online. A teenage girl finds encouragement for her anorexia on the web. A boy becomes emotionally numbed by the explicit images he views every day. Smartphones, tablets and computers have changed our lives irrevocably in this modern, connected world but is it for the better? 'Juno' and 'Up in the Air' director Jason Reitman's powerful, visually innovative ensemble drama is adapted from Chad Kultgen's no-holds-barred novel. The skilfully interwoven story follows a group of school students and their parents as they struggle with this rapid social change. From video game culture through infidelity and distorted self-image to unfettered access to explicit websites, it holds up an extraordinary mirror to modern relationships. The outstanding cast includes Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer, with narration by Emma Thompson.

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