A neon-powered platformer with free-flowing chaos as you control five distinct Mekanimals that transform from a mechanized Frog, Armadillo, Wallaby, Panda and Pelican.

You'll swing, boost, bounce, climb and fly through the levels as you swap through the Mekanimal forms taking on an insectoid army and the many, many environment hazards. It's unique co-op mode features dynamic control between two players where only one Mekaanimal is on screen at a time. You must truly collaborate as a 'hive mind' if you want to survive.

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Mekazoo is a gorgeous, brilliantly designed evolution of the platformer genre.
68d ago
Mekazoo proves to be a joyous platformer built on the ideas of just about any platformer one can think of.
68d ago
Mekazoo plays it safe in the gameplay department, but what is there can still be frantic and fun.
52d ago
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