Master of Orion


This reimagining is set to enhance the title’s iconic 4X gameplay of Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate for new and old fans alike. Players can expect a deeply strategic experience where they must utilize brute force, diplomacy, exploration and much more in their bid for victory.

With enhanced visuals, built from the ground up, Master of Orion reimagines galaxies like never before and breathes life into a universe waiting for intrepid explores to conquer. On their journey, players will be interacting with over a dozen diverse races, all with their own quirks and ambitions. It is up to you to shape your gaming experience.

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Master of Orion boasts a lot to love for new players, and it’s one of the best entry-level 4X games out there, but older veterans may find themselves searching the stars for mo...
107d ago
A fun, serviceable update to the 4X legend that brings little memorable to the genre aside from its personality.
107d ago
A moderately successful execution of the standard 4X formula with a flair for leaders and enjoyably complex combat.
108d ago
Master of Orion shows signs of brilliance, but it's bogged down by boredom, and sometimes, the allure of the stars wanes too much to beckon us onward.
107d ago
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