Love You To Death: A Psychcological Thriller


Carl is a serial killer but lately has found that no matter how hard he tries, something is missing from his life. The pleasure of the kill is waning and one desperate night he makes the mistake of acting on instinct almost getting caught. No only that, in his panic, he manages to get himself hit by a car.

Susie is the nurse that saves him, and as Carl looks into the eyes of his angel he realises exactly what has been missing from his life. Love, and Susie is the lucky girl.

The only problem is that Carl has never learned how to love without death. Susie desperately wants to understand the strange man that has come into her life. If only he would open up to her maybe she could help.

Carl desperately wants to be normal for Susie but the more time he spends in her company the stronger the urge to combine his love with pain.

Can this damaged soul do the right thing in the end?

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