Los Cthuluchadores: Elder Things in the Wrestling Ring


As a Cthuluchador, you choose from wrestling actions and signature moves to outwit your opponents. These actions, like grapple, shamble and counter, result in ooze, damage and the domination of the crowd.

The first player to squeeze the ooze from his opponents or coerce the crowd to his evil cult wins.

During the game, players simultaneously decide what card (action) they want to play. Depending on the interaction of the cards, players get to perform their actions and taunt the other player for bonus cultists. Within the wrestling ring the focus is on the Cthuluchadores outwitting each other and trying to squeeze the other Cthuluchador dry. In the spectator arena a different game is being played. The Cthuluchadores try to coerce the crowd into their loyal cult following to be able to take the arena by storm.

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