London Town


In 70's London, a 14 year old boy is introduced to the Clash by his estranged mother and it changes his life forever.

Shay's mother left 4 years ago to live in a squat in London and his father now struggles to keep the family afloat. When Shay's mother sends him a cassette tape of songs from London, Shay is overwhelmed and caught up in the sonic magic of The Clash.

He goes to London for the Summer and meets his first love, a Punk Rocker, Vivian. But when his father ends up in hospital, Shay tries to juggle his two lives.

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With its boyhood-to-manhood tropes (growing up means getting a girl’s attention and winning an idol’s respect), London Town can’t be taken too seriously. But it’s nice to see pa...
75d ago
The film evinces a clear-eyed sense of the limits that a capitalistic society places on its working class.
75d ago
In any event, the particularity of what the band did in the late 1970s makes the nostalgic spectacle of “London Town” kind of curious.
75d ago
An awkward merger of wide-eyed innocence and political unrest, Derrick Borte’s sweet, almost sugary picture wants to rock but never finds the gumption.
75d ago
Derrick Borte's London Town works overtime to warm the cockles of your heart. It's extremely likable, but sentimental is the last thing a tale about growing up poor and angry in...
75d ago
Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the late great Joe Strummer in a coming-of-age drama set in 1979 London.
75d ago
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