Live In Nashville 1995


Official stand-alone release of this live set previously, only available in the STEVE EARLE: THE WARNER BROTHERS YEARS box set. Paying tribute to an incredibly significant time in Earle's career, this concert album showcases Earle's performance at the Polk Theater in Nashville, Tennessee on December 1, 1995. The concert features the Train Band (Norman Blake, Peter Rowan and Roy Huskey, Jr.) and special guests Emmylou Harris and Bill Monroe joining the rocking singer-songwriter onstage for this unforgettable performance.

1. Mystery Train Part II
2. Hometown Blues
3. The Devil’s Right Hand
4. Angel Is The Devil
5. Walls of Time – with Bill Monroe
6. Sometimes She Forgets
7. You Know The Rest
8. I’m Looking Through You
9. Rivers of Babylon - with Emmylou Harris
10. Goodbye - with Emmylou Harris
11. Nothin’ Without You - with Emmylou Harris
12. When Will We Be Married
13. Northern Winds/Ben McCulloch
14. Copperhead Road

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