Kirby: Planet Robobot


Invaders have mechanized Dream Land. To restore his home to its original form, Kirby must use their technology against them with the new Robobot Armor. The Robobot Armor can even destroy a variety of obstacles in his way.

The Team Kirby Clash mode lets up to four players join forces to battle against powerful bosses. Players select one of four roles, and participate in a co-op quest to defeat a boss while supporting their team. Completing a quest earns experience points to level-up and grow more powerful.

The game is compatible with a large variety of amiibo figures, and some give Kirby character-specific abilities. A new series of Kirby amiibo figures that includes Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee gives Kirby attributes specific to each character. Tapping the Kirby figure is the only way to get the UFO ability.

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Planet Robobot is another great feather in Kirby's cap that shouldn't be overlooked.
105d ago
Planet Robobot’s mech suit is a blast, and the spectacular backdrops will have you turning up the 3D slider.
105d ago
Planet Robobot has not moved Kirby forward in any significant way, but it’s a well-made platformer that’s worth completing.
104d ago
Planet Robobot overflows with charm, and a packs a wonderfully playable game to boot.
104d ago
While the robot motif comes in half-cocked, Planet Robobot is still a safe, serviceable Kirby game.
104d ago
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