King’s Quest - Chapter 5: The Good Knight


The Good Knight is the fifth and final episode in the King's Quest series. It tells its story via flashbacks of an aging King Graham embarking on his final epic journey.

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cogconnected.comPlayStation 4
As a whole, King’s Quest is an imaginative journey that’s fun for all ages.
55d ago
www.ztgd.comXbox One
Episode 5 really brings the series full circle.
55d ago
King's Quest: The Good Knight is a satisfying narrative conclusion to Graham's saga and is a unique approach to storytelling that we don't see often.
55d ago
This final chapter is bittersweet, wrapping up King Graham’s story while pointing toward something new.
55d ago
The Good Knight is a satisfying conclusion to a story a year and a half in the making.
55d ago
The closer might actually be the objective best, wrapping everything up in a bittersweet fashion.
55d ago
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