When his hard-earned kicks get snatched by a local hood, fifteen-year old Brandon and his two best friends go on an ill-advised mission across the Bay Area to retrieve the stolen sneakers.

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Essentially a devastating coming of age odyssey, and a morally complex one built on painful lessons, the gripping “Kicks” deconstructs the desire to be a man in contrast to what...
34d ago
This is a beautiful film and a major directorial debut.
34d ago
Teenage life in the East Bay neighborhood of Richmond, the setting of Justin Tipping’s promising debut feature film, “Kicks,” is so rough that it’s little wonder that the movie’...
34d ago
Characteristic of a debut, Kicks doesn’t always work. The story’s a little rough, its philosophies are muddled, and it over-relies on literal interpretations of character’s feel...
34d ago
Don’t expect any joy in the grim pursuit of Kicks.
34d ago
Brandon’s odyssey, filtered through Tipping’s lens, is at times funny, harrowing, and well, somewhat annoying (way too much slow-mo), but the talent here is clear.
34d ago
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