It Snows All the Time


Ed Hover was born in Omaha in 1950. Graduated high school, received his undergraduate and Masters degrees in Biology and Ecology from Nebraska-Omaha, married a wonderful woman named Jerrie. They had three boys that he raised the same way he was; to work hard, treat people with respect and spend quality time with your family.

Ed read a book a week, traveled, exercised daily, enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, and horticulture (he loved working in his yard) and did everything a person is supposed to do to keep their mind healthy. However, Ed started showing symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer’s at age 58. Now at age 62 the disease has drastically affected his memory and his behavior.

This film will go on a journey with a young man as he learns about the disease, his relationship with his father, and his family sticking together through a difficult situation. It will explore love, pain, loss, and overall hope for a better future, and a more fulfilling present.

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