Nate Foster is a young, idealistic intelligence analyst for the FBI. Highly educated, and fluent in Arabic after serving in Iraq with the State Department, he's joined the Bureau to protect the country from another 9/11. But he's beginning to realize that the 'Islamic terrorist plots' he's busting are often setups - overzealous attempts to reassure an anxious public, and meet the latest quotas.

So when the FBI discovers a smuggled shipment of Cesium-137 - the primary ingredient needed to build a dirty bomb- Nate is willing to hear out Angela Zampino, a case agent who's convinced the plot is the work of white supremacists. She explains their overwhelming history of violence, going back to Oklahoma City, and their obsession with obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

But the hardest sell of all is convincing Nate to do the unthinkable - to leave his office job behind, and use his superior intelligence and people skills to go undercover, and infiltrate the community.

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Nate’s journey is used primarily to show us the variations in extremist groups and how they might accomplish something drastic like set off a dirty bomb; his inner turmoil takes...
75d ago
“Imperium,” at its best, is a film about the ideological crisis of seeing the principles your worldview is built upon repurposed for hate and bigotry. But once it reaches these ...
75d ago
Daniel Radcliffe poses as a skinhead in the unsettlingly relevant Imperium.
75d ago
Imperium doesn’t have anything particularly innovative or new to say about what sparks domestic terrorism, and instead of diving into the psychology behind extremism, Ragussis d...
75d ago
It demonstrates the fatal proximity and deceptive distance that can exist between the words and deeds of extremists.
75d ago
First-time writer-director Daniel Ragussis finds unsettling chills in homegrown hatred.
75d ago
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