How It's Made Season 14

TV Series Season

1,268 products and 329 episodes later, HOW IT'S MADE returns to Science Channel on Monday, May 30 at 9PM with brand new spellbinding episodes showing how everything from toothpicks to tequila and even an oil tanker are made. After nearly a decade narrating the series, Brooks Moore's iconic voice continues to delight audiences. During a recent Reddit AMA with Brooks, fans of the show referred to his voiceover as "soothing" and "calming." When you hear the smooth sound of Brooks Moore's voice, prepare to be transfixed by HOW IT'S MADE.

The fan favorite, loved by kids and adults alike, kicks off a new season with two back-to-back brand new episodes of HOW IT'S MADE premiering on Memorial Day at 9PM featuring candy wafers, food trucks, ropes, and the world's smallest car. And to celebrate the return of summer, a very special cookout countdown premieres at 10PM featuring all of the essentials you need for a summer cookout, from hotdogs and hamburgers and everything in-between.

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May 30, 2016
4 Months Ago