Honor Land (A James Pruett Mystery Book 3)


Honor Land is the third book in the bestselling and riveting Sheriff James Pruett Mystery/Thriller series.

So many men and women serve our country with devotion, patriotism, bravery, and honor, none more so than Kyle Yoder. Though a gifted scholar and athlete with many scholarship opportunities, "Yode" had never wanting anything, since childhood, other than to serve his country at the highest, most elite level he could.

After returning from Iraq with several of the Army's highest decorations, including the Congressional Medal of Honor, like so many veterans, Kyle finds himself unable to cope with his return to civilian life in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There seems nowhere he can turn for decent assistance and he cannot bear to face his family, so he spends years on the streets, suffering in silence until he is attacked and charged with multiple capital murders for doing nothing more than defending himself.

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