Hitman Episode 4: Club 27 (Bangkok)


Welcome to Thailand. The "Club 27" mission transports you to the opulence and splendour of the Himmapan luxury hotel and resort, situated on the Chao Phraya River outside Bangkok. Your targets are rising rock star Jordan Cross, front man of trending indie band The Class, and Cross’ family lawyer, Ken Morgan. Both are currently residing at the luxury hotel as the band finishes its highly-anticipated sophomore album.

Explore the grand hotel's exquisite interiors and bask in the natural beauty of the exotic gardens adorning the hotel's exterior pavilions. Or just enjoy the vista of the Chao Phraya River as you plan how best to carry out your mission. Combining premium quality and modern charisma, Bangkok delivers to HITMAN players a richly detailed location to play in.

With all-new opportunities and disguises, plus over 75 different challenges unlocking new gear, weapons, and items, Episode 4: Bangkok is not to be missed.

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www.videogamer.comPlayStation 4
A familiar setting makes for some excellent kills in Hitman's latest episode.
109d ago
More good Hitman, although the repetition of style and presentation is taking the shine off the experience.
109d ago
Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is a step up from the bland previous episode. Smaller, but plenty of murderous mayhem awaits.
110d ago
www.destructoid.comPlayStation 4
Diced up or whole, this can of blood-soaked tomatoes serves up so many experiences that aren't offered just about anywhere else outside of the original entries.
109d ago
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