Hear To Tempt You / Bare Back


Released towards the end of 1977, Hear To Tempt You saw the quintet record for the first time in Philadelphia where the team of Norman Harris, Ron Baker and Earl Young masterminded the sessions, working with some of the top arrangers, songwriters and musicians (including future Temptation Ron Tyson) responsible for the then-ever-popular Philly sound.

1. Think of Yourself
2. In a Lifetime
3. Can We Come and Share in Love
4. She's All I've Got
5. Snake in the Grass
6. It's Time for Love
7. Let's Live in Peace
8. Read Between the Lines
9. I Could Never Stop Loving You
10. Mystic Woman (Love Me Over)
11. I Just Don't Know How to Let You Go
12. That's When You Need Love
13. Bare Back
14. Ever Ready Love
15. Wake Up to Me
16. You're So Easy to Love
17. I See My Child
18. Touch Me Again

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