Haunted House 3


Featuring 3 unique modes of play, ‘Normal’, ‘Casual’, and ‘Challenge’ mode, gamers have plenty of options to play with. ‘Normal’ mode introduces limited time, limited hints, and exciting bonus rounds. ‘Casual’ mode has no time limit, unlimited hints, and no bonus rounds, while ‘Challenge’ mode has rotated items, missing letters, and double score bonuses.

Players can discover Hidden Objects by way of ‘Picture’, ‘Word’, and ‘Silhouette’. The ‘Picture’ option is a great introductory mode well-suited for younger players. The ‘Word’ option is really useful if your child is just learning how to read, and a slight step up in difficulty compared to the ‘Picture’ option. And finally, the ‘Silhouette’ option is the trickiest way to play, and not without unexpected surprises. Hints are always available as a last resort to players getting stuck!

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