Saar (8) loves swans. Swans are monogamous for life; they dont believe in divorce. Her father and mother do. They got divorced when Saar was three. Daan (34), Saars father, owns a deli in the Hartenstraat and has a dream to one day open his own restaurant. Saar would like for her father to find his swan girl but he hasnt been very successful. Like every other single person these days, he creates a dating profile and starts to look for love online. But he is not the only person in the Hartenstraat struggling with love. The gay couple, Jacob (39) and Rein (33), who own the coffee shop around the corner, have gotten a little bored with their relationship and want to use Grinder. Or rather, Rein wants to use Grinder and Jacob reluctantly agrees to this plan to spice up their relationship.

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