From Where We Stand


With the sounds of Country music permeating in the UK after the success of the hit television series Nashville, people both within and outside the music business have been asking - where are Britain’s home-grown country stars? Ward Thomas may well be providing some of the answers. They are on the threshold of becoming one of the first genuine major British Country acts.

Ward Thomas are 20-year old twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas from Hampshire. Whilst in sixth form, a rough demo of the Ward Thomas track “Footnotes” found its way into the hands of Nashville’s most respected session musicians, leading to the recording of a debut album ‘From Where We Stand’ that could spearhead a UK Country sound.

01. Push For the Stride
02. Way Back When
03. Footnotes (Happy Ending)
04. The Good and the Right
05. From Where I Stand
06. Take That Train
07. Guest List
08. Try
09. Wasted Words
10. Company
11. Caledonia
12. Town Called Ugley

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