Forever and Ever, Armageddon: A further collection of short stories


Step back into the shadow cast by the world again in this collection of 21 eclectic short stories ranging from satire through to horror and science fiction.

"Forever and Ever, Armageddon" features the following stories - Lucky Penny, Once A Pun A Time, KomRaid™, Good Dog, Forever and Ever Armageddon, You v2.0, The Bogey Man, A Chance of Tactics, Red Tide, Keeping Up With The Joneses, A Sick sense of Tumour, BattleSuit, Qil, Undercurrent (previously published in "Terror At The Beach"), A certain level of Understanding, Adlib to fade, Tipping the Scales, Double Dare, Three Divided by One, The Muse at Ten and The Everywhere Song.

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