The Firefly Blue Laser Lamp is our LDG light bulb technology designed as a continuous laser lamp providing smoke penetrating light eliminating the blinding fog effect found with emergency lights. The optical component provides deep reaching light that demarcates an area in a crosshair-like fashion, providing depth perception and forward visibility. The laser lamp outlines walls, expected and unexpected obstacles in smoke or fog, reaching deep into non-direct space like around corners, down hallways or stairways - all without loss of light intensity and while reducing shadows.

The Firefly provides unique low-level lighting results in an ambient atmosphere well suited for a comforting night light or home theater to provide low level of lighting that does not cause any glare or harm to a flat screen television. Well suited for camping as to eliminate embarrassing shadows in tent and avoid spilling light to other campers. The unique shape allows to direct in any direction on uneven surfaces.

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