Ex-Wives of Rock Season 3

TV Series Season

Imagine being young and beautiful, with VIP access to the best clubs, the best restaurants, and the best resorts. You're the life of the wildest parties, pursued by famous rockstars who shower you with everything from diamonds to Ferraris. Your every material need is taken care of (and then some), and all you have to do for this is be young and impossibly beautiful. Now - imagine waking up one day to find you're not so young, your rockstar husband is giving diamonds and Ferarris to some other girl, and you're pretty much forced to join the same daily grind as everyone else. For most of us it might be a sad thought, but for Athena, Sharise, Bobbie, and Blue - it's their reality. Say hello to the "Ex-Wives of Rock", four lovely ladies with a slightly different idea of "regular life" than the rest of us.

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February 17, 2016
8 Months Ago