eMOTION: Hard Wired


eMOTION: Hard Wired is the second book in the Fifth and Dent series.

Marion Dent has given up his old life after failing to fulfill a contract to kidnap a young girl, choosing instead to become her guardian. Kasumi "Fifth" Takeda is that young girl, a thirteen-year old with a special talent to force her emotions on those around her. And now both are on the run together from powerful people who wish Dent killed and Fifth locked up in a laboratory.

They are just beginning to understand each other when a mysterious message brings them out of hiding and leads them to a town plagued by a sudden string of murders and supposed suicides, thrusting them back into the deadly machinations of those from which they have been hiding. Each with reasons of their own, they must find a way to work together to determine if the deaths are eTech-related and put a stop to it all.

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