Destiny: Rise of Iron


Leaked marketing materials reveal Rise of Iron is Destiny's next major expansion, which is billed as the "large new expansion" for 2016. More information is not yet available.

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This adventure through forgotten legends stands strong on its own, and continues an unbroken string of content drops that have each made Destiny a richer universe.
113d ago
Assured creativity and a smart eye for systemic refreshment make for a confident and classy expansion.
113d ago
Rise of Iron is more than a passable footnote. It’s something greater — if you have the patience to get there.
113d ago
www.destructoid.comPlayStation 4
The general feel of the DLC is a little more weighty than Taken King even if there's less to do.
112d ago
www.ign.comPlayStation 4
Rise of Iron maintains Destiny’s fun combat and includes a great raid, but it also doesn’t fix any of Destiny’s repetition problems.
114d ago
www.gamespot.comPlayStation 4
It feels like the last remaining breath before the possible sequel, as if Destiny is standing still and waiting for inspiration to arrive, rather than going out to find it.
113d ago
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