Deliha (Turkish)


A young woman searches for love in this crazy Turkish comedy from the director of 'Eyyvah Eyvah'. Deliha (Gupse Ozay) is a force of nature. She's cheerful, a little clumsy, and determined to find the man of her dreams. Superstitious Deliha's adventure begins with a visit to a fortune teller. She then makes a bet with herself. If she can get down the stairs from her apartment in ten seconds, she will meet the love of her life. She promptly runs into handsome Cemil (Baris Arduc), who has just opened a photographic shop in the neighbourhood with his brother Cemal (Cihan Ercan). Deliha now becomes fixated upon poor Cemil and is determined to see off anyone she considers a love rival - even little old ladies! First time writer and star Gupse Ozay dominates the screen in this madcap comedy from Hakan Algul, director of the hit 'Eyyvah Eyvah' trilogy.

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