Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and created in 12 weeks by 11 students, Courage is the story of a young child (Alex), who is accompanied into a dream state by a spirit wolf named Courage, a manifestation of her own inner courage. As she explores, the pair tackle the child's fears one by one, in a tale of friendship, fears and bravery.

The game is split into chapters. Each chapter is a new fear, with the environment and mechanics revealing which fear the child will be battling. Courage, her companion on the journey, cannot interact with the physical world, but can instead distract enemies and point out interesting objects, as well as play a role in solving the puzzles

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Beautiful Student Game 'Courage' Developed by 11 Students in 12 Weeks

  • 530d ago
  • by Jake Lewsey

'Courage' is a gorgeous co-op puzzle game developed by 11 students from the University of Derby in 12 weeks under the objective of creating an Oculus Rift game based on the theme ...