Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Art Deco


Add to your city's style with a pack of new buildings from one of Cities: Skylines' top modders! Matt "Shroomblaze" Crux" has designed a series of Deco-inspired buildings exclusive to this pack, including 6 residential buildings, 6 commercial buildings, and 3 unique buildings.

Proceeds from this pack will be shared with the modder who designed the content. Celebrate the creativity of the Cities: Skylines community with the following buildings:

Unique Buildings
- Eddie Kovanago
- Pinoa Street
- The Majesty
- Commercial buildings

Central Hotel
- Chirpcinema
- Icecream Parlour
- Laundromat
- Radio Station
- Starlight Hotel

Residential buildings
- Art Deco Apartments 1
- Art Deco Apartments 2
- Art Deco House 1
- Art Deco House 2
- Art Deco House 3
- Art Deco House 4

September 1, 2016
8 Weeks Ago
September 1, 2016
8 Weeks Ago