Cardboard Boxer


Willie, homeless and on Skid Row, is coerced by two teens to fight other men for cash. Now involved in a violent world he can’t understand and with few human connections beyond a girl's diary he found, Willie struggles to find a way out.

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Thomas Haden Church plays a homeless man induced into "bum fighting" in Knate Lee's indie drama.
100d ago
Cardboard Boxer is an underdog fighter that, despite its considerate and often good performances, often finds its punches pulled. It's a shame, too, because it could've been a k...
100d ago
Mr. Church fully inhabits the character, making the most of Willie’s dented moral sense and his many limitations. But the film constructs some too-perfect solutions to problems ...
100d ago
Lopsided skid row neo-noir Cardboard Boxer starts off as a grim character study, then devolves into an unmoving melodrama about panhandler Willy (Thomas Haden Church), a despera...
100d ago
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