Bind the Soul (Steel & Stone Book 2)


Piper Griffiths is afraid of one thing: Expulsion from the Consulate. Completing her Consul apprenticeship is the only way to realize her dream of becoming a keeper of the peace between humans and daemons, and one little scandal—okay, not so little—almost ruined everything.

But she's on her best behavior now. No more sneaking out of the Consulate. No visiting disreputable daemon-owned clubs. And definitely no consorting with dodgy daemons like assassins and royalty.

One problem. Ash is missing. He might be infamous, dangerous, deceitful, and frequently terrifying, but he saved her life, damn it. A rescue mission, though, would mean sneaking out. And visiting disreputable clubs. And consorting with assassins and certain ruthless princes...

She can’t abandon Ash, Consul apprenticeship or not. But the road to save him looks a lot like a one-way trip straight into the enemy’s lair. Once she goes in, there will be no way out—for either of them.

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