Bethlehem is the story of a high school football team set against the very real backdrop of the steel industry demise in small town Pennsylvania. After the death of his father, Danny Talbot (Devon Werkheiser) dreams of playing the game he loves are realer than ever. Enter his grandfather, football coach Keith Talbot (Corbin Bernsen), whose need to win eclipses his notion of family. However, while working to earn his place among other dreamers like himself, he begins the journey inside of himself to find his place amongst the broader landscape of a very uncertain time for Main Street, USA. It will be an uphill battle to answer the age old question: Where do I belong? Along with his hardworking mother Connie (Christine Lakin) stubborn bar-owning uncle Lyle (Ian Harding), the object of his affection, Molly (Taylor Spreitler), and his eccentric best friend Zeke (Jared Kusnitz), Danny finds through the game he loves, that it's about where you come from. That love, and a hint of faith, might not only unite a team but reunite a family.

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